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Submit Complaint against Rupeeking Loan App through Indian Consumer Complaints Forum Complaint Room. You can see here the complaints and reviews against Rupeeking Loan App submitted by users, and can clear your doubts and concerns like whether the Rupeeking Loan App is fake or real? or is legit or scam? The Customer Satisfaction Rating of Rupeeking Loan App is 0% as 0 complaints are resolved out of total 142 complaints, and 142 are pending. You can contact Rupeeking Loan App directly through their Customer Care/ Helpline/ Contact Number(s) or by Email.

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Rupeeking Loan App Complaints & Reviews

Hi team,
I am writing this as a High importance on getting messages from different numbers for the loan repayment with the name of different applications and threatening to call...
Shamili Naidu 28th of Feb 2022
I didn't apply loan from rupeeking but they daily sending repayment link and today i got a message with lawyer name please help me to stop this issue...
TOMMY k 24th of Feb 2022
On daily basis I am fake loan payment message from rupeeking loan app from where I haven't taken any loan. They are sending messages on WhatsApp for repayment.

Borahrajib 22nd of Feb 2022
They are harassing me on the WhatsApp about the repayment of the loan. I don't even know the company and company is also not in play store So how ca...
Tanmay Advita 21st of Feb 2022
Rupeeking sending regular that kind of massage br [Rupeeking] Hello, how come your loan has not been paid off? Please pay off the loan today. If we do not receiv...
rahulsoni0988 21st of Feb 2022
I got message today [Rupeeking] We remind you that your loan is due today and you must pay off the loan today. Otherwise, we will notify you of all contact...
Chhunga 21st of Feb 2022
Rupeeking - a loan providing company continuously torturing me to pay the loan which I never taken from please block those idiots. They are continuously sending threatening messages through WhatsApp...
Aarthir 20th of Feb 2022
I had not taken any loan, amount not credited but getting calls and messages, if ask details they didn't giving reply even. Help me to resolve this...
[email protected] 20th of Feb 2022
When I dint apply for any such loan, nor did take any money from any such app than why these messages? Pay the loan, your loan is overdue, i...
Risha Gadekar 20th of Feb 2022
I have not taken any loan but i Lee receiving messages that I have to repay. I have reported the number and blocked it on WhatsApp. I am getting bo...
Shamili Naidu 20th of Feb 2022

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