Rupeeking Loan App Reviews & Complaints: Fake Loan Repayment Messages

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Shamili Naidu 28th of Feb 2022
Hi team,
I am writing this as a High importance on getting messages from different numbers for the loan repayment with the name of different applications and threatening to call the contacts in the address book.

When replied to get a update on statement, there will be no response. Getting those messages on WhatsApp. When we try to call the WhatsApp number, no one picks the call.

This is not only with me there are so many people who facing this kind off issue. Please save us all from this scam. Please take necessary action before it goes out of control.

Please help stopping these kind of fake messages. Every day 4 messages with different app names. It is so much disturbing. I have been raising complaints continuously but still i am getting such kind off messages.

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