Reviews & Complaints: FRAUDULENT RETURN POLICY To Loot Buyer's Money

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ardaniel 21st of Jun 2022
NEVER BUY from, or you'll loose a big amount (10% of order value + 350 INR delivery & return charges & processing fee) even when a defective product is returned back to seller. refer their return policy (, read down for further info.

I am writing this complaint due to a worst experience I faced and not want other buyers to loose their hard earned money. I placed order for 3499 INR for Lenovo laptop battery on 19th May 2022, and waited for 10 days without any progress in processing their order, cancelled it.

But they wanted to deliver the battery, processed it and delivered. Nevertheless the battery was defective, does not run on battery (shuts down in a few seconds - either when started with battery power or when power supply is cut-off) and also does not charge over 73%

Recorded video, sent mail to them for return on the same day battery was delivered, They wanted to see battery physical condition, asked for all sides photo, also sent it to them.

They accepted for return but told there is no return pickup for my area and asked if I could sent the battery myself, (part of their tactics to make buyer bear the return cost as the shipping agency had done pickups earlier from the same address.

Ideally they have to bear the return shipping cost if the product is defective, but that didn’t happen). I needed to send battery safely, even though its defective I send through courier with premium option than a normal mode and spent 340 INR.

Once the battery is delivered back, the actual pain starts. They state that can refund only upon deducting delivery charge 150 + refund processing fee of 50 and importantly 10% of your order value 350 as restoration charge (which they claim for packaging and extra expenses.) and not pay for my return courier also.

This is a cunning way to get a minimum necessary profit for every order placed. I spent total of 3,499 (product) + 340 (return courier)= 3,839 INR, they ONLY refunded me 2,950 INR and that's a loss of 889 INR, just for placing an order with them, even though product I got was defective and returned back to them safely at my own cost.

If you place order for 10,000 you'll anyways lose 1,000 even if you return the product that’s defective or wrong product + 350 for shipping and processing fee or you ll loose all money if in a case they don’t accept the condition of product returned.

The deduction 10% of order value for restoration charge can anytime become 15% or 20% or even more if they change/ update their return policy and poor buyer have to bear the ransom for whatever they charge and they’ll justify stating its mentioned in the return policy

And the hotline [Protected]for customer support - no one ever picks. Hence this a WARNING about their return policy, NEVER BUY from or be prepared pay the deductions.

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