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namanjain 25th of Mar 2022
Cheap chinese battery being sold which stops working under 4 months time. And let me tell you there is no easy replacement its all fake even when the battery is in warranty . Please don't buy from there worst site. People here are thieves. I had bought the battery 4 months ago. First of all the battery stopped working with zero hour backup. Then when i called at this shitty unethical company aka worldmarts people said to give us 200 rupees for courier .

I gave 200 rupees and it got couriered. I don't know what they did but they started saying the battery is broken during shipment and its our fault and they wont be able to get me a refund or a replacement. I even packaged the battery in a hard card box wrapped with bubble paper.

So my conclusion is please dont buy from this fake website . Its just a waste of money. These people at the company are frauds. The battery had a 6 month warranty (which should be 1 year) nd still the battery stopped in 4 months and this company is not even replacing me just because the battery broke during the shipment and the company is blaming us.

The battery we had sent was not broken and we had also sent them a pic of the battery before sending it to them . Please dont buy anything from this company .


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