Fraudsters In This Company Should Be Reported To UK Police

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uddin 22nd of Sep 2022
United Kingdom
I booked a ticket from Leeds Bradford to Paris on 15 September 2022 it was available on the website, after finalizing my booking I paid in full, then I received an email your booking has been submitted and being processed by our team. your booking should be confirmed within a few minutes and your money already has transferred in to your credit card.

They lied to me they did not transfer my money it was pending until 19 September and on 20 September they took my money into their account and did not issue my ticket. When I called them on 15 September I told them where is my ticket you have taken the full payment they told me it should be issued when it gets confirmed i told them my daughter Miss Bushra Siddiqa she was traveling I paid for the ticket we need to know they told us just wait just wait.

So we called on the 16th September 2022 and told them we have not received any ticket please can you tell us what is going on we never had this problem before. If you take the payment we have to issue a ticket within 24 hours ATOL rules that's the law by civil aviation authority ATOL but no proper answer was given so we called again on 17th September 2022, we told then we have found a ticket for the 18Th September since your ticket is not CONFIRMED please cancel my ticket we will buy another ticket for 18Th September which we did.

We have the ticket if you want to see. He told us he will put a note that passenger has brought a ticket for 18th September he dose not need this ticket anymore he also told me if the ticket is confirmed he will call me but he did not my daughter he departed on the 18th September 2022 I checked my credit card 19 September and it showed it still pending on 20 September I check it showed money taken from PENDING TO MONEY OUT.

I called them on the 20th September and they told me oh the ticket was emailed to you on 18 September 2022 which was a lie no email was sent so I told the why did you send the ticket when I told you we don't need a ticket anymore just cancel it so why did you issue the ticket, she said i am sorry the ticket is issued and the ticket is NON REFUNDABLE.


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