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Riya Ferns 24th of Jan 2022
I am a faithful customer but you people are making me worried so much i have told many times please deactivate my card yet you haven't done that, why are you not doing it can't you understand if this goes on for no reason I shall go into depression.

Simply for no reason you all are adding on subscriptions fee every month why is that when I had already deactivate my card n cancel plan yet I am being treated very badly on behalf of dhani customer service executive.

Why don't you understand when a person or a customer is loyal their dignity and respect is very important. I have brought to your notice like many times that deactivate my card as from app i have done yet in the system it shows active and subscription fee are getting added.

This is really not fair i have giving you proofs that I have stopped using the card and cancel the plan. I even went to Mumbai branch of indiabulls which is in vidhyavihar the manager itself said do not pay the subscription charges it's useless.

Then why can't you simply close or cancel my plan why are you doing this with an honest customer. Please i request you to deactivate or cancel my plan from your system as i really don't want this headache of looking into the app and seeing every month that the charges are getting add-on.

As this is really not right. Please i am literally begging you'll to close the card from your system as i have paid all dues and cancel plan still subscription charges are getting added.

You can ask the manager of vidhyavihar (Vishal Golatkar, ask him he will also say that I have paid yet I have being charged for no reason please please i beg you'll to deactivate my account of one freedom card.

They are not cancel my plan from the system and every month i have being charged subscription fees for no reason I am not even using it. Then the dhani customer service executive speaks really Rudely it's not fair.

Because I am not using the card yet subscription fee is charged and I don't want this card that's y I add cancel i have sent many mails and calls but no response from your side. I gave all proofs.

This is not my fault i had cancelled the plan and deleted the app but still are adding me subscription charges as i have not even taken the physical card or not even activated it.

As i don't want dhani one freedom card it's really giving me headache it's a mistake from your side update my account and Please waiver the subscription charges as i don't have any interest in activating it or using dhani card it shows please i beg u.

I don't want to avail any benefits of dhani as it's only giving me an headache as i have not activated the card i only payed the amount of my outstanding due in the month of May 2021 and after that I deleted the card.

And I did not use it it's a mistake from technical team of your side you are charging me simply for no reason as i have cleared all my dues and have no interest in pertaining it henceforth as i am fed-up of this card.

So I deleted the app after paying all my dues still you'll are saying I have to pay as i m poor how should I pay as i had cancelled the plan from my side yet it was active in your system it's a mistake by the technical team.

I have all the records and screenshot against dhani one freedom card. I m loyal i have recordings as well.

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