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shrushti sharma 14th of May 2022
RANGAREDDY, Telangana, India
Dear sir/madam
I had some cash from my returns on the app so first I requested the ajio team to transfer it to my bank account which is an option. Since even after asking multiple times and patiently waiting for 20 days they did not return it to my account, I chose to order some items in order to use the amount.

The orders which i places are not being delivered form almost a month now. But everyday I get spammed with calls form ajio that order could not be delivered, please choose an option.

There is also a refund which I have received but even after receiving it on 2nd may itself I’m still getting messages 20 times a day and mails 100 times a day that return is India times.

Am I supposed to keep getting bothered and keep deleting all these. They are harassing me since 2 months now. I have no energy left to deal with them. I keep calling their customer service in the starting.

So many of the times they hang up without resolution. During the account transfer request they made me email my bank details also multiple times. Then for this harassment I have called them.

I have said I don’t even want my money back but please stop bothering me with all this spamming but it’s to no use. I am unable to upload the videos otherwise I would have to scroll and show how many emails and messages are there.

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