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ACT Fibernet: Bill Discrepancy

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Ruksar Banu 22nd of Sep 2022
Karnataka , India
Hello All,

I would like to bring to your notice that I am very much dissatisfied with ACT services... From the Time I had got the connection was facing billing issue.. Act can check d call logs have called ACT more than 100 times now.

Firstly I was facing issue with account getting disconnected several times... When I called act I was informed after taking the connection that my account is a child account and the parent account is in the name of Rebecca I don't who that person is because if dis silly reasons they used to disconnect my account just because Rebecca has not paid her bill... What do I do if she hasn't paid?? Is taught problem. When I raised complaint several times then the issue was resolved.

And in June Act operators called me more than 50 times to get the account renewed even when their was a due date left to pay the bill.. I paid d bill on June 24th 7680/- rs... I received d payment receipt for the same.... Now since last week everyday m getting messages that the account will be disconnected due to non payment of 1250rs.

my question to act is... When I have made the payment for 6 months which is 7680/- y is my account getting deactivated due to non payment ???

Because of ACT I cannot afford to loose my job... I had no mobile Internet connection n I could not login for 2 days which has badly impacted my work... Who will compensate for that now??? In this a critical situation of work from Home is dis the way Act guy play a fool out of their customers?? Wen ACT dint had ability to provide service y did u take 6 months payment from me.

When I requested for a manager call back I did receive a call... Manager said he will check n call back in 10 months he never turned back... When I spoke to the operator bharat he disconnected the call on my face.

Twice I received a call back again Today when I was busy on call related to my official work... Manager dint even wait for 5 secs n disconnects the call... Basically act operators gives different different answers everytime I call them.

If ACT operators says on call I don't know whats happening on account then who will answer it????

Act has caused so much mental pressure to me that ill b raising a complaint on consumer forum.


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