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Mohithkanduri 14th of May 2022
Bengaluru, Karnataka, India
I just opened app to check it. And it says that I applied for 19k loan. Without any confirmation from my end they started processing, most importantly the bank account which I was using had some issues and i had to close it before.

Therefore I cannot receive a single rupee even if they try to send me. So there is no way that they will be able to send me a single rupee of loan. I sent them more than 200 mails to cancel the process.

After 4 days I check it again it says I need to repay loan.
1) I did not give any consent to receive any sort of loan.
2) they can’t send me single rupee as my bank account is closed and does not exist.
3) without Sending me a single rupee how can they demand money back?

WE NEED TO TAKE STRICT ACTIONS AGAINST THIS FRAUD FAKE APPS. NEED JUSTICE FOR SUCH KINDA FRAUD APPS. Moreover it’s A Chinese app. It’s a Mental Harassment to repay when I dint even receive a single rupee.

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