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Mangesh 31st of Mar 2021
PALGHAR, Maharashtra, India
So I have purchased from Pepperfry app on 19th Mar 21 Wall art by crafter worth Rs. 5747 - Hand printed floor lamp with gold base amount of Rs 14862 and Elton blue arm chair worth of Rs.27499 – Total value of Rs.48108 from pepperfry and what I received -

I complained saying the Elton blue arm chair by since this product does not look anything like what they claim it on their website – The chair cloth and chair is not worth for this amount which is claim it in web site - I am not able to return the product - On 22 Mar 21 I received the delivery and I raise the return request on 24 Mar 21 –

I have received mail on 24th Mar 21 from Vandana Pillai stating that tried contacting you on your mobile number however could not get through will call again within the next 24 Hrs and I can be reached on 0[Protected]– In-between I never received call from Vandana Pillai – I tried her number 0[Protected]on 24th Mar 21 between 5pm to 6pm number of times but without any success –

Then I dropped the mail stating please arrange call – On 25th and 26th Mar 21 again I dropped the to Vandana & Grivance officer to call back but there was no answer – In between when I cancelled my Elton blue arm chair I placed order for Foldable wall mounted study table amount of Rs 10699 & Iconic chair in multicolour 2 qty worth of Rs 21198 – Total value of Rs.31897 - My intention was to cancel Elton blue arm chair and to replace with Iconic chair –

On 29th Mar 21 I was so irate as there was no reply or call by Vandana & Grivanceofficer team I have cancelled my Foldable wall mounted study table and Iconic chair in multicolour – On same date 29th Mar 21 between 10 to 10.30am I have received call from Vandana Pillai just to understand why the rest of the order has been cancelled by me.

I replied why there was no calls in between she has replied the case has been allocated to different manager – I tried to convey her the product is no worth – But finally no response the request has been closed – Need to check again and will share you the recorded calls.

On 30th Mar 2021 I have contacted Pepperfry for the status of Elton blue arm chair and team has assured will received call with in next 24 Hrs - Within a Hrs received mail from Mr Dinesh Kamble stating that I regret to inform you that we are unable to accept a return request for this purchase.

My question is for Pepperfry is why there was no calls between 24th to 28th Mar 21??? Your business motto is only to earn money no service??? Their case managers don’t even bother calling ???? Why I have to bare cancellation fee of 2.5% against Iconic chair and Foldable wall mounted study table??? As I said my intention was very clear so can replaced this blue arm chair with iconic chair.

My requirement – 1) Accept return request for Elton blue arm chair as this chair is not worth it. 2) Cancellation fee of 2.5% against Iconic chair and Foldable wall mounted study table which is been recovered need to be reversed on my account.3) Total available amount of Rs.10431 in my wallet need to be reversed in my account.

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Mangesh 13th of Apr 2021

Here is the response i received from pepperfry when i reached out tweeter facebook and complaintroom received call after more than 15 days. Just received call from pepperfry from 0[Protected]From one of there respective manager - Stating that i will get the refund but not in my bank account it will get credited in my pepperfry wallet - How pepperfry can hold the consumers amount? - Thats my amount and i can use as per my own choice - 2.5% amount cut as per policy but the amount instead of being transferred back to bank, is being refunded in Pepperfry wallet I don't want money back in Pepperfry wallet. I paid from my card. I want it back in my BANK ACCOUNT.

Mangesh 4th of Apr 2021

Can I know the da status !!

Mangesh 3rd of Apr 2021

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