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hema singh 24th of Jan 2022
This is a fraud application, while checking eligibility this application transfer money to your acct without your consent that too half of the loan amount and then ask to repay it within 6 days.

They don't ask to sigh any documents nothing only one otp to verify Aadhar and they transfer money directly. Koko loans doesn't provide any sanction letter nor any interest certificate or any kind of loan details.

This app transfer me a amount of 2900 (that is also not sure that amount is transferred by this application as in remarks it is only written fund transferred) and asking for 5000 in return.

This incident took place on 22th January 2022. I got to know about this application in an advertisement through Facebook.

updated by hema singh, Jan,27 2022

I made payment of 5000 to koko loan to stop harassing me. But still they are harassing me and from today i am receiving a new WhatsApp from rupee king from which I haven't taken any loan neither I have installed the application. They are asking to pay a loan of approx. 6900 which I haven't taken and they are warning me that if I did not pay the loan then they will contact my friends and relatives as they have my contact details and will harm my reputation. I am really worried how to get rid of this scammer. Please help me out. they are calling from different different numbers contacting on WhatsApp. I am just tensed what to do. Please help me

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Haseeb 1st of Feb 2022

Myself haseeb khan & i download this app on 30 jan 2022, & I am also facing the same thing today while checking the eligibility, they transfer the amount Rs.3480 .in my account & after that they said to return Rs. 6000 with interest of Rs. 2520. Why i return 6000 rs. while i am not interested to take laon from this app. This is my complaint against this KOKO loan app & please take necessary action against this fake app.

Akashdeep612 29th of Jan 2022

We need to do something about this app. Even after the payment, they are pinging us from different numbers asking for money and threatening that we will send messages to my contacts. Any idea what we can do?

RaghavendraGS 29th of Jan 2022

I am also facing same issue they are torcher ing me anything please help me

Saby 26th of Jan 2022

Anyone facing this issue remember one thing these are scammers. Watch the program at Disney Plus. As the UPI adress gets changed on a daily basis you will keep receiving such threats even if you pay until they extract 20 - 25 k from you. They have nothing of you. Any genuine loan company will be registered. They are not. They do not have any agreement from you about the loan. They will not call you they will send you WhatsApp MSG if you have noticed. Do not pay any head about that. Do not reply just block the number. 2nd revoke the permission of the app. Remember they do not have access to your contacts for that they would need a well built infrastructure to store that level of information. And if there is an infrastructure available they can be traced. Police is working to burst this racket to report it immediately to near by cyber crime station. Write a review about the app in Play Store and report the app so that it can be taken down. You can register a cyber crime online. DO NOT PA

Saby 26th of Jan 2022

To All, facing this issue. Do not make the payment if they send any threats of sharing your Aadhar or sending messages to your relatives. Ask them to go ahead. It's just a bluff. Reason behind is they do not have any agreement signed by you. Neither the amount is agreed. Just revoked the permission of the app immediately. If you can report this WhatsApp messages to nearby Cyber cell. This is a money laundering company and police is aware of it and trying to burst this racket. Any timely information will help the team to burst the racket. Do not pay anything to any UPI. The UPI address keeps changing on a daily basis so you will keep getting such threats even if you pay until they extract 20 to 25 k from you. Report the app in Play Store and write a review.

Sangameshx 25th of Jan 2022

I am also facing same problem

Ani1992 25th of Jan 2022

I am also facing the same thing today while checking the eligibility, they transfer the amount 2900 in my account. And also there is no gurantee.

Sangeeta Singh 24th of Jan 2022

Very bad app fraud

Sangeeta Singh 24th of Jan 2022

I am also facing same thing with this. Kindly help me out.

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