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srinivas c 24th of Jan 2022
I have seen this app in face book and have check eligibility But without my permission they have disbursed amount to my account i have not even got and documents of loan or bifurcation of loan this happened on 19th Jan 2021.

I have received amount of 2900 at 3:41 pm immediately i checked and instantly i have transferred 2900 to Koko loan account and tried to contact them there is no any customer help and they mail id was wrong unable to send email after 6 days they have sent a message to pay 2100.

The amount I have not used for any purpose i have tried to call them number switch off but sending whats app message they are using only whats app as a mode and i tried to call them.

And explained what happened they are using very abusive words and telling to pay 2100 if u not paying i will send photos to your family and friend without my permission they have hacked my contact details and blackmailing that they will share my photo.

They are harassing they are not even sharing their number to contact they are keep on sending message in whatsapp and blackmail me i have not even use the amount they are fraud mentally torturing me please kindly help on the same.

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