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mk 22nd of Jun 2022
Good day,
My trading account withdrawal is freezed. Unable to withdraw. Fraud trading website & CID investment advisory Hong Kong, And whatsapp group Road to wealth A24 with a trading platform under the name BSQ.

both are same and still operating as on date under the same domain.
Sequence of events.
1. I was contacted on whatsapp chat by HONG KONG based wealth assistant named SARAH working with CID investment advisory Hong Kong, with Whatsapp number +[Protected]

2. I was told that I could make a stable income upto 1000 usd daily by making Binary trading option and I was registered in a trading Platform named (later found that it is a fake but it is still active as on date) Address: 531A Upper cross street 04-95 Hong Lim Complex, Singapore 051531

3. CID advisory co informed me that Seconds contract direction Trading advice will be provided in the whatsapp group BTC fortune VIP029. Whatsapp Admins numbers are: +[Protected],+[Protected], +[Protected], +[Protected].

4. I got registered and added 20,000 usdt for the purpose of trading and entered into a contract with CID investment advisory co. ltd hk, & that 50% profits will be shared after completion of one week cooperation cycle.

5. At the end of one week cycle made a profit of 177515 usdt. When I asked for withdrawal of profits I was told that I have to pay the 50% of share upfront as commission then only withdrawal will be permitted and my account withdrawal was freezed.

This was not informed earlier and neither is mentioned in the contract for advance payment.
6. After requesting I was told to pay 18000 usdt (35%) of the profits upfront and balance to be paid after removal of withdrawal of freeze in platform.

7. I obliged and paid 18000 usdt to their commission account so as to get the freeze removed.

8. After paying 18000 usdt, they said that there was calculation error and I need to pay additional 22165 usdt to get the freeze removed.

9. I promised them that I will pay I tried but could not raise the funds. They push to borrow or sell your property etc.

10. Again requested them to allow me to attend to their office and pay the commission due amount in their office. That’s when I found out that they don’t have phone number, email office address, nothing. The address provided are fake.

11. Very surprising a country like Singapore can allow such activities right under their nose.

12. Please note two parties are involved, one a trading platform registered at Singapore and another CID advisory hk. But they were able to freeze my withdrawal. (later found both are same under same domain and are fraud online scam makers).

13. Later I said I want my principal of 38000 usdt back and I am not interested in profits. But they are reluctant to allow for withdrawal. How can a trading advisory firm block my account in trading platform? As on date I have about 288654 usdt in trading my account.

14. Since last one month I was driven to the edge of bankruptcy and mental suffering which I cannot explain.

15. As soon as I told them that I going to complain and make it legal proceedings, they immediately formed another whatsapp group under the whatsapp group Road to wealth A24 and a trading platform under the name BSQ.

16. Now as on date both groups are active and what is pathetic is no one can do anything.

Request all not to fall prey to this kind of Fake websites. Why enforcement agencies allow these kind of people who play with our hard earned money.

CID investment advisory co. ltd. HEAD OFFICE ADDRESS
cid account manager number: +[Protected]
Hong Kong address: 2806-2808, 28th floor, no.8 Financial street Hong kong.
Service tel: +[Protected]
Consultant name: Sarah address:

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Kandurkar 1st of Jul 2022

I also fool by this group, now BTC wealth vip s2798 is working now all group members are fake i contact everyone but that person not using whatapp, all person use keypad mobile , all names different, where it complaint

sanjeev sanjeev 6th of Jul 2022
How to get our money sir
PUSHP RAJ 30th of Jun 2022

It’s a complete fraud, one of my friend in CBI, this ISS, Agg and CID all are motherfuckers and scammers. They all will do to hell

sanjeev sanjeev 6th of Jul 2022
How to get our money back sir
john 29th of Jun 2022

Even i lost 25000USDT mentally too much disturb huge money crying everyday. to pay my lenders back

jitendra gupta 29th of Jun 2022

Whom to complain?

sanjeev sanjeev 27th of Jun 2022

ISS & CID is only one company and They are playing with people weekness . From me they took 25000USDT and not released not a single USDT. May people are suffering from this CID & ISS . Indian government kindly take necessary accesories with this online fake trading companies

Manjunath Navada 28th of Jun 2022
HI Did you raise any complaint on them
Sandeep kumar 29th of Jun 2022
For me they have made a new platform that is AGG GLOBAL Have shared the link and they are making fraud here ....I myself lost 15000 usdt.

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