Rupee King Loan App Reviews & Complaints: I Am Going To Die Friends And Family Are Hated; ABHIJITH KB

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Abhijith_kb 23rd of Jan 2022
ERNAKULAM, Kerala, India
People are messaging and threatening to pay for a loan which I have not taken. They are harassing for Money saying we will report you to all of my contacts and block in national lending list and so on.

Kindly look into this issue on priority. sending the screenshot of the same. They are asking me to pay 6185/-. Which I have never took. I even checked there app on Google Play Store it doesn't exist at all.

They had sent a link for the app which is baseless and fraud. The link I have shared through screenshot too. It's totally frustrating to see all this. I need to know who are these Rupeeking, what finance company they work for Getting calls from number registered from Bihar and all.

Is there any particular team from RBI to look into this. Can you people block these kind of fraud finance company. If family and friends get fraud calls then it's really annoying and relationships get spoiled.

Details of the person sending Whatsapp message has been attached for your reference. Kindly look into this as early as possible and help me out of fraud people contacts. Are this FS serious about fraud lending finance.

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