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MS 3rd of May 2022
A executive called me on 18 March 2021 and asked me to send my resume on whatsapp. After sending she Asked me to join there institute called The Learner's Camp which is affiliated with SP JAIN.

The course was on Data science and Full stack Development. But I ignored it at that time. later on after couple of months on 12 May 2021 I had sent a text message to the executive asking for referral for a job, then she advised me to give an scholarship test of the institute.

The test link :

I gave it on that day itself. The next day she called me and took their senior in conference his name is Imran Khan he told me that no one has scored more than 90% till now it's you who scored 96%.

And then they had sent me brochure of their course and the fee details through mail. The fee amount was 1,80,000. They Said that as I scored 96% in scholarship test they will provide 40,000 scholarship and my fee would be revised to 1,40,000.

So as part of my side i had gone through the details they had provided to me. I had sent a mail to SP JAIN regarding confirmation of their affiliation with the institute or not.

I got a reply from Bharat Khanna from SP JAIN assuring that they are affiliated with the institute. And TLC is there premium partner.
Affiliation Link:[Protected]

Then whole things are taken care off by Imran Khan. He use to call me daily to complete the formalities and join the institute and also he promised me that he will look up a job with 7LPA for me before August.

At that time job was a very needful asset for me. So, after all the perceptions along with the assurance of SP JAIN i decided to join the institute. I was informed from Imran Khan that the fee can only be paid through loan not by cash because they are affiliated with SP JAIN everything should be documented.

At first he started the process with the loan of 1,80,000 from a finance company called Eduvanz and applied for the loan with all the documents required. And promised me that as soon as Loan is disbursed we will credit scholarship amount in your account.

Then one day he called me and Said that Eduvanz is not processing your loan we need to apply for another one then I asked him for the loan rejection mail he said that there will be no such rejection mails and made me believe that Eduvanz is not processing the Loan.

Then he came with a finance company called Financpeer and said that he will apply for a Loan for 1,00,000 and remaining amount 80,000 out of which scholarship amount 40,000 will be removed and the balance amount is 40,000.

The 40,000 fee which is remaining can be paid after 6 months (Or) after getting a job. At first I refused to apply. later on it was Saturday he said that he had spoken to a company called "Leadschools" which is a start up.

And I got selected in it they will train me for 3months in the three months I'll receive 4.8LPA salary and after successful completion of training salary will be revised to 6.8LPA. and you will receive offer letter Monday.

So I was convinced by the point and submitted the required documents and completed the process. It was a e-mandate Nach process which is a monthly auto debit. The Loan was approved i had joined the institute they started the classes virtually through their Application called The Learner's Camp.

Application Link :
But I didn't received any offer letter from Leadschools. Whenever I asked about this offer letter Imran Khan had shouted on saying that it will come be patient.

Day's passed away and one day Imran Said " there was issue with it no need to worry I'll look for another job". I was attending the classes and Every thing was going fine there was a student support and session to help students.

The students count was 15 members most of them are employed. 3-4 members Were new graduates. They were posting jobs frequently and asking us to apply for them. We did the same but none of them reverted back to us.

After one month I got a call from eduvanz asking me to pay the EMI. I immediately reached to Imran Khan stating the issue he said that the loan amount was disbursed we will return their Loan amount and your loan will be cancelled and don't worry we will take care of it.

So I believed in them and stayed calm. It was in the month of July I asked him that "You said that You will give me a job with 7LPA before August" what happened? till now no update from your side?

Then after few days he gave me assignment to do I had completed. Then after few days he gave me a couple of assignments to do I had completed them also. After that no proper response from Imran Khan.

He use to shout on me when I ask about the job and Eduvanz loan cancellation. These things went on for a month. After few days imran said that he had spoken to his friend who is a Co-Founder of a start up and he wants to meet me asked me to visit Bangalore.

I visited Bangalore on 3rd September. after few days imran said that the Co-Founder will meet me on 27th of September So I stayed in Bangalore. For the hole month. In the while he literally torched me regarding the job and Eduvanz loan cancellation.

He said that he will cancel both the Loans i.e. Eduvanz - 1,80,000 Financpeer - 1,00,000. And reduce my fee to 70,000 and as said earlier. every thing should be documented he need to apply for another Loan from a finance company called Credence and the loan amount 90,000.

I refused to the proposal many times but he literally made me innocent and blackmailed me about job. I gave hope to my parents on job and stayed in Bangalore for same, bearing expenses and at that time I had no choice to go with.

Even though I don't want to apply for it but I was forcefully applied for it. On 27th September no meeting was done Imran said that people in the start up are suffering from covid and will inform some other date for meeting the Co-Founder.

Later on Imran said that they will interview me virtually but this one is also not done. I got fed up and argued with Imran regarding both job and Loans. I was very angry on him and I said to him to cancel my admission and also cancel all my Loans.

At first he said that all the loans will be cancelled on 27th October but nothing has cancelled. The people from finance's are calling me to pay the EMI. Imran was extending the date day by day and these finance people are repeatedly calling to pay the EMI.

When I asked Imran for the proof whether he started the process or not Imran said that that is internal process we shouldn't share those things. These finance people have sent legal notice to me regarding EMI Due's.

Imran still saying the same stories and extending the date. Till now he had done nothing.

Institute Mail ID's :
Imran Khan - [PROTECTED]
Student support - [PROTECTED]
Finance - [PROTECTED]


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Debarun Maitra 6th of Jul 2022

Same thing happened with me so we students have created a group to take legal action against Imran Khan. I'm under financial stress because of this fraud Imran Khan.

Ashwin8 6th of Jul 2022

I'm also a victim of this and Imran still reply saying that he is working on cancelling the loan and also says whenever I call him that I have meeting on this week after that I'll call you. The no response and repeatedly he says the same. Plz help

Eski topi Uske sir 6th of Jul 2022

Same thing happened with me and many other people, we have created a whatsapp group and consulted legal advisor to proceed with strict action against Imran Khan.

RakeshP 6th of Jul 2022

Same story happen with all other students, and imran is ignoring and giving excuses, All students are trapped in his scam

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