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Vaibhav171087 18th of Jan 2022
Pune, Maharashtra, India
I have been using this application for a month now and invested 50-70k. They stated its safe and it was on google play. Not its gone no one is responding. We had whatsApp group but they have closed by few admins in the group.

We have invested hard earned income. Need help. Its about crypto mining please contact me for more details. They have fake address at pune kalyani nagar. N main address at uk as shown.

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Sovan Ray Chaudhury 7th of Mar 2022

I have invested three lack . How can i recover the money. What is the address.

Ranajit Chowdhury 4th of Mar 2022

I ,also a suffere from this site, sharehash..Having around 2k of hard earned money..helpless feeling...

muralidhara v 18th of Apr 2022
contact ccb police bengaluru.. FIR Registered against them [Protected]
Happy Walia 29th of Jan 2022

Loss of 16k

lavanya laav 25th of Jan 2022

I lost 4 lakh

muralidhara v 18th of Apr 2022
contact Bengaluru ccb police.. FIR 1/2022 CCPS or want more clarification [Protected]
Vikram_R 22nd of Jan 2022

HNT UK Mentor - +[Protected]HNT Mentor India: Ajit - [Protected]Ranbir - [Protected]Chatura - [Protected]Some of these nos. are active but some lady is answering the call.

Vikram_R 22nd of Jan 2022

Sharehash COO - Frank Ph: +[Protected](UK) Following is speach by Frank: Hello, gentlemen and ladies, I'm Frank I am very happy to meet you on the Internet. We are all users of Sharehash. We all make profits on Sharehash. Although we do not know each other in real life, we have been partners for a long time. Because of you, Sharehash has grown. We conducted a blockchain conference in Dubai about a month ago, inviting corporate employees and their families, as well as professionals at the frontier of blockchain all around world. We decided to launch the second round of HNT mentor summit at the Sands Hotel in Singapore on January 21, 2022. I believe I should provide an example. I purchased (10) S1 mining equipment, received five free mining machines from the company, and paid a total of Rs.100,000/*- I will earn a profit of Rs. 2025 on a daily basis. I will receive: Rs.93,150/- in interest + 150,000rs in principal upon maturity. Time span: 46 days.

Anjali Bhongade 22nd of Jan 2022

I lost my father's all hard earned money 58k and and by my refral my sister also invested in this app together had invested 74k , please make awareness and help

kanha saini 22nd of Jan 2022

मैंने उन पर भरोसा करके 40k खो दिया है, यह मेरे सामने आया सबसे बड़ा घोटाला है, कृपया हमारे पैसे वापस पाने में हमारी मदद करें

Vikram_R 22nd of Jan 2022

Sharehash - Earn money by investing in crypto an online crypto-mining app promised that our investment will be invested in crypto mining farms in Europe and Asia, they said you can invest in mining contracts. They assured that our investment is insured in New India Assurance and in any eventuality our principle amount will be returned. Initially they had Bitcoin and Etherium mining contacts, later they introduced Helium mining contracts. We had a whatsapp group and they were giving latest updates about the app in the group. Now the app is not working, website is down, whatsapp group closed and we are unable to contact them. They have given fake office address in Pune. They blocked withdrawal and said app server is under maintenance and will be launching new app Sharehash 2.0 They said new app will have:

Nagaraju_K 22nd of Jan 2022

Myself and my family members are invested 40000x4 = 160000 total. I never thought sharehash do fraud. please help us out in getting our money back.

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