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IndianNational 19th of Jan 2022
I am getting fake loan repayment massages daily on my phone and they are threatening me to upload my data and information and calling family and friends.
Their msgs are like below

*Please read this article carefully, your data is ready. Your Gold Loan loan has been seriously overdue. If you do not cooperate to resolve the loan, the system will start the next step. If you are willing to negotiate, please pay immediately, and pay now to reduce the penalty*

We will notify you one last time before your data is transferred and processed to CIBIL so that you can pay immediately and explain the obstacles you face. Insufficient funds, difficult to transfer, or because you deleted the application without a payment code.

Please cooperate with the payment so that your data will not be published, and all your emergency contacts and where you work will not be contacted. Make sure to have a negative impact on your credit history and your reputation, and you will not be able to apply for credit at the National Bank of India for at least the next 5 years.

Next, we will dispatch professionals to start contacting your family and visiting your workplace. You will bear all labor costs and fines. Please log in to negotiate payment.

Application name: Gold Loan
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2022.01.16 12:35:07

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