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Faizankk 24th of Jan 2022
This was a terrible morning, i woke up and received WhatsApp a message from so called Rupee king app. Asking me to clear loan which i never took they are threatening me to pay or they will send messages to all my contacts address.

What kind of fraud is this. I have raised this issue on social media with police and cyber cell awaiting responses. Its like totally fraud their appnis not even listed on google play store.

They send their url, when i called up to the number one was not reachable and other said that this is not a smartphone to use WhatsApp. I was wondering how they are operating i am already in very much stress due to my health and all other personal problem.

But these people are just doing an open fraud which they can do with people during this Pandemic times where each and everyone is struggling for their own causes,

I was just searching for loan app on Google play store last week but didn't took any loan when i saw their reviews that they give only for 7 days and start calling contacts i stopped my self as being hungry is better their this Humiliation.

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Saeeda 25th of Feb 2022

Sar payment nahin Ho pa rahi hai kaise Karun app se payment nahin Ho pa Rahi aap batao payment kaise karun kitni payment karni hai sar 25 rupaye ka loan hua tha sar 9060 rupaye a rahe hain kam se kam kitne ki payment karni hai loan close karne ke liye

Abhi4569 21st of Feb 2022

Today morning at 8:37 am i received msg from this app that i had take loan from this app and today is last day of repayment. I have not heard name of this app . How can it possible. Please tell me or else i will lodge complaint against this app in police station and RBI also.

aman maan 16th of Feb 2022

Early morning i received msg from this app that i had take loan from this app and today is last day of repayment. I heard name of this app . How can it possible. Please tell me wht i do ?

aman maan 16th of Feb 2022
Yahan pr koi hai jo bata ske mujhe . Mene avhi opn krke dekha hai app . Ihno ne mere number par repayment me 6180 rs. Paaye hue hai . Mene kabhi yeh app use nhi kiya . . Na hi mere account me paise aye hai kabhi . M kya kru abhi
Paresh789 7th of Feb 2022

I had not taken loan from this app but they are messaging me and threating me please stop all this.

Sumati Meher 3rd of Feb 2022

Iam not taking any loan from this company froud app

DebashisRoyChowdhury 2nd of Feb 2022

Hi I had taken loan of 3500 from Cash Any time.I received only Rs 2200.and alredy paid Rs 1225*4times as rollover total already paid Rs 4900 against Rs 2200 loan.every week they are asking for money and telling we will close the loan but not doing that or else they are sending wrong messages to the contacts and harasseing us.Again coming they will ask for rollover.please help

jaipal kandekar 2nd of Feb 2022

Hi I am not take your app loan .

AliIqbal 1st of Feb 2022

I did not take any loan from this company, still these people are massaging me, give me money

Shan Mohmmad 29th of Jan 2022

I am complaint police station for this app I am not deduct any loan so why massage me I am going to police station

Nik_ki 27th of Jan 2022

Same thing happened to me we need to track this people down who seamlessly doing all this. Filed your complaint here and be relentless

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