PayMe India: Complain Against Misbehave And Abusive Language Used By PayMe India Staff

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Tushita Singh 27th of May 2022
On 25th, I received a call regarding one loan taken by one of my relatives of Just Rs. 500 and he was not reachable for some time due to some issue. First of all, Why are they giving a loan to Students who are not earning? On what basis are they approving a loan?

One of your team members called me and he was using very abusive and offensive language which is not at all tolerable. I tried reaching your customer care but know none of the executives answered my calls.

And that uneducated person is not answering my calls when I called back again. Also, I found one customer care number on google and called him, he was also using abusive language

I am writing both the numbers on which both people were misbehaving.

Kindly take strict action against these people and Payme India team. This is not the way to talk and behave with customers or their relatives. They are harassing and touching teenagers and their relatives.

They Team members calling the customer and his relatives and using abusive words specially they are abusing female relatives. Please take strict action against them immediately.

Such companies should be closed, they are spreading crime, hate and negativity in the society.


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