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chauhanrohit08 30th of Mar 2022
I made an order of amount 898 from the site https://dryfruits-crunch-com.myshopify.com/. But after the pre payment of 898 Rs. I have not gotten any response from the seller's website.

When I tried to connect the seller's Phone number and Mail ID (mentioned on the website). Then I observed that both (Seller phone number and email ID) were invalid.

I don't want that the next time again anyone will face the same problem. So I am requesting you to please block this site and ask questions to Shopify that without any authentication/Verification, how they are allowed to host these sites, on which seller contact is not correct.

NOTE: This Site is powered by Shopify (shopify.in) and the Promotion of the website is running on Facebook.

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Debalina07 9th of May 2022

This side is Freud..

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