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Manoj Meena 6th of Jul 2021
I get to know about this online professional education platform Law Sikho. They Provide legal professional education in the name of Skill India. But after some research i get to know that they are not eligible for providing any law education to Students who are already pursuing ll.b.

They are not complied with Bar Council of India rules. Law Sikho is not providing any agreement between the institution and Student. They just providing verbal contract and according to law it is fundamentally illegal.

It is fraud on the part of Law Sikho they cheated me. I have paid Rupees 5000. After the Zoom webinar and i have applied for Loan because the course provided by Law Sikho is terrible expensive as compare to college fees in the Country. On the asking about the Refund the customer care not responded well. They didn't even bother to reply. I am stuck with 56000 rupees of loan for 18 months.

They amount they are charging are very high as compared to the Quality of there Videos and there site didn't even work Sometime. On the contrary after contacting and rebelling around they want us to say sorry in written. We are 17-19 students are fighting and no one responding.

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vaishali parihar 15th of May 2022

@yabha ji Hey! I am facing the same problem. I got enrolled in a so called IBL Bootcamp 2022 and paid hefty amount of 52 thousand from my own money. I am a fresh law graduate. i did not find it anything extraordinary to continue so i asked for my refund. They refused on the ground that in one class i joined late. Earlier, when they spoke about refund policy they never said that my refund will be rejected on the ground of delay in joining. But they have very cunningly changed their policy and added this part recently. Interestingly, one cannot download their policy. The same can be conviently amended by them as per their whims and whishes. Have you filed any complaint before consumer court? Please let me know about the present status of your application before NCDRC.

Anshdha Sharma 1st of May 2022

I am also a major victim. I wanted to prepare for SQE. Their agent told me to go for US IP and Paralegal course with which I will get SQE in complementary. For which they promised me that SQE course will start soon. I paid around 85000 Rs. for the whole course with the expectation of start of SQE. Suddenly I found they did not have SQE faculty. and when I am trying to contact them for refund, they hardly pick my call.

Anshdha Sharma 10th of May 2022
I wrote the above statement 10 days ago, but thankfully after few days the higher authority of the company had managed to review my case at last and promised me to deliver the service by July, otherwise they would refund me the amount. I am atleast at peace that eventually my course will start and if not my money will be returned. Raising your voice is important but sometimes its good to co operate as a consumer with such businesses if they accept and communicate to resolve your case. I would hace delete the above statement after I was communicated by Lawsikho but unfortunately, this complaint room does not allow that. so I am reposting this as a reply.
Bas bhoot 30th of Apr 2022

I have booked myself in their course so now they are asking me about EMI with credit card so should I go for it or not , could anyone tell me

Saurabh Ahluwalia 3rd of May 2022
Have you paid the token amount because i have
Advshreyasri 25th of Mar 2022

Hi I am filing case in NCDRC against Law Sikho. If anyone want to join me. I want those cheats to refund me and stop this scam game.

Manoj Meena [Complaint's author] reply,Apr,19 2022

How to contact you ... kindly send a Mail on [PROTECTED]@GMAIL.COM I WANT TO JOIN.

yahba 25th of Apr 2022
I will join for lawssikho comliant
yahba 25th of Apr 2022
I will join for lawssikho comliant . Call me at [Protected]. These guys are cheats and threatening me to file legal case for extortion when I ask my monye back

Manoj Meena [Complaint's author] reply,Apr,26 2022

Ybha just mailed me your phone no. ([PROTECTED] ANY TIME. I will contact you

vaishali parihar 15th of May 2022
Hey! I am facing the same problem. I got enrolled in a so called IBL Bootcamp 2022 but i did not find it anything extraordinary to continue so i asked for my refund. They refused on the ground that in one class i joined late. Please let me know about the present status of your application before NCDRC.
yahba 15th of Mar 2022

Lwsikho has started threatening me for writi8ng negative reviews. I am a senior experienced person so can handle it but my heart goes for young students who spend parents hard earned money, how they will be able to handle such people who cheat and than threat. To all such students who have been cheated please connect with me at [Protected], I am plannint to sue these guys

Advshreyasri 5th of Mar 2022

i am also a victims of these cheats and I have been paying 3000 every month since September plus 5000. I don't know how to save myself from this constant exploitation of 3000 per month and I am just a beginner lawyer so I don't earn also, it is a torture for me to pay 55000 for nothing valuable in return.

Kartikhegde 28th of Mar 2022
I am fighting case against them. Please contact me
yahba 25th of Apr 2022
Lwsikho is organization of cheats. I am going to file a case againt these guys. Anybody wanting to join pl call at [Protected]. if you know more people pull them together
Prity Minj 24th of Jan 2022

bunch of sales man. Not taking any feedbacks. Just promoting and threatening those which cheap tactics. They deserve a shit.

Prity Minj 24th of Jan 2022


yahba 21st of Jan 2022

The Guys are cheats. The promoters they woo the people to pay as if the seats are limited like they are selling knee pain oil and discount is valid for few seconds. Whole tactics is to push people to pay in boitcamp and get into their trap. Best part is they say you can claim refund if you dont like and when you actually claim refund you will hear excuses and stories. They don't deserve to be in the noble filed of education instead they should run some casino and gambling den to earn money. if you push much they will say you can file a case. The guys behind are really cheats =. Their intention is somehow to make one to pay and relax. The course they talk are crap and they dont even know what the cotent will be. They just tell at superfecial level and if you ask more they are not even aware. Heavily NOT RCOMMENDED. The negative reviews they say are false and we will file legal action on negative reviews. So people are kind of threatened to remove such reviews.

manu1234 12th of Jan 2022

Such fraud websites are created for aspiring students by showing them big dreams and in the end outcome you lose your hard earned money with absolutely no additional knowledge and experience also the certification is not recognized and useless for any career prospects we need to be watcful and cardeful to not be influenced and carried away with such substandard useless education platforms

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