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Deepak45 25th of Jan 2022
MUMBAI, Maharashtra, India
I was just looking for some hoodies and then i found a hoodie on the website and i ordered a hoodie worth 229/- and I paid money through Paytm but still the order has not been shown done, it is going to be a fraud .

It's a humble request to refund my money. The order has not been done but the money has been debited. I'm feeling so sad and regretting, i should not trust these type of sites. I hope action would be taken soon and help me out.

I request for refund as soon as possible.

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suraj agarwal 4th of Apr 2022

I have ordered a bag and money deducted from my account but I did not received the product

Sanjaysingh Rajput 9th of Feb 2022

I have Ordered Surf Ariel washing machine powder 4kg and payment of 449 is Debited from my bank but still order not received. Pls someone report this website, its fraud website looting the hard earn money of people.

abhijeetsaha21 30th of Jan 2022

I have ordered an electric kettle and paid 499 however no order was placed but monies were deducted. I have raised cyber crime police complaint. I have a track record of raising cyber complaint and getting the amount back in 45 days. Hopefully this time also site will be down soon.

abhijeetsaha21 30th of Jan 2022

I have ordered an electric kettle and amount of 499 was debited but the order was never placed. Such a fraud side and I have now registered a complaint with Cyber crime department. I have a past record of raising cyber complaint raised and recovering the monies. Definitely will knock this Prakash Gordhan bhai down soon.

PRATIKSHAD 25th of Jan 2022

I have ordered a cloth drying stand..but didn't receive any update... Maadarchod, bhosadike, suvar ki aulaad, randi ki paidaas, gatar ke kide... Saale paise kamaane ki akal nahi, To fraud karte hein kutte, harramjade...

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