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Tanishqa C 5th of Jan 2022
GURGAON, Haryana, India
We ordered a varsity black jacket ₹799 from their Instagram page with username closet_._hues, now changed. They asked us for all the shipment details and a packet got delivered in 2 days. It was COD so we trusted them.

After opening the packet we saw that they have sent us a horrible, second hand peach dress which we had not ordered and there is no way we can get in contact with them now.

We checked their Instagram page there are no contact details and we tried messaging them and now they are not replying back. The dress is in a worn out condition and it also cost us money.

There is no address or contact details given on the shipment label just the store name which is kasgar.store, we checked this store online but the website is not opening. Complaint room is our only hope to get this issue resolved.

This company is a complete fraud and such companies shouldn’t be allowed to operate. We found their page through an Instagram ad. Instagram shouldn’t all such frauds to run ads.

I am also attaching the images of the dress that got delivered and the screenshots of the chat that took place with them.

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Khushi Aggarwal 14th of Jan 2022

Even I got tricked by the same. Has your issue resolved? It would help me a lot

027_varsha Govindula 3rd of Feb 2022
Mine is also same problem how I should get my money back please tell me if uh know anything

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