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suresh arat 24th of Jun 2022
BENGALURU, Karnataka, India
This is Mallikarjun wants your help as iam from India and iam trading to one of the crypto currency platform like SLR APP and I have an agreement with them for 7days to complete trading as a capital up of 8000$ and when we started and finished.For the second round to star they have mentioned as a profit plan will be like 10000 to 60000$.

But what they say I have to update an amount to above mentioned like 10 thousand to 60 thousand to start second round . and they don't mention here like capital need to start second round is of 10000 to 60000$.. they have mentioned onlly a profit plan of 10000 to 60000$. So this is a contradiction statement . Some how I have managed upto minium requirement of 7000$ to start second round of trading.

But after starting second round we will be trading with BTC/USDT usually . But suddenly instructor changed the pair from BTC/USDT to ETH/USDT and he has given the order to trade. Before placing the order he has to give information that trading pair will change to BTC/USDT to ETH/USDT .but he has not given instead he has given the order to trade in ETH/USDT for 40000$ and we have not noticed this change and we placed an order for BTC/USDT for 40000$ and trade has been lost.

And he didn't completes second round of trading and he is asking us to pay the lost amount atleast around 20000$. Where has it is not possible from our side . and unless we fill up the loss he is not able to continue the second round of trading .so our money has been struck in the SLR APP CRYPTO CURRENCY trading. and the amount they promised to pay for us is about 10 times the investment.please help us to get the amount.

As SLR Is in Singapore and hongkong so I have to contact you please help us to get the money.


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