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Anshuman33333 22nd of Jan 2022
BENGALURU, Karnataka, India
Flipkart has not refunded the amount yet 25k
Order ID - OD[Protected]

I have ordered Wakefit sofa set from Flipkart on 21st Dec 2021, it was promised to be it will be delivered before 13th Jan 2022 as last date, but it was never shipped with no shipping id, called them more than 25 times on status, still they failed.

Everyday they told me same u will get resolution but it is 1 month now, i m writing this message, kindly help me out with all support. I have called them 25 plus times and every time i get extension.but still no response from there end.

On 17th i cancelled the item, they gave me deadline we will get amount by 19th, today is 22nd, again same thing 2 days days later, it seems i have lost 25k and it is my hard earned money, I just want my money back at any cost.

It is totally pathetic response from Flipkart. I want my refund back, i can't wait for it now, lost the patience now, please help me out and help me save my money, i have attached all proofs now in the chain,

How it was ordered and how they fooled me and date extension proof all together in the same content. kindly help me out. All proof attaching.

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