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Arunima Acharya 11th of Jan 2022
Philippines, India
I got scammed by this website they give you task over whatsapp to complete and help merchants to increase their credibility and they will give you commission. I followed as they directed me

But as i completed certain and and withdrew my money (99k) the froze that and asked me to pay 46k more to prevent tax envision fraud. And mentioned its a government policy.

I didn't pay 46k as i was not sure it was legit and now they are threatening me to they will take legal action against me.

First text. :
Hello, nice to meet you! My name is Joella Prav. I am a customer assistant of the Flipkart platform. I am glad to assist you. Now i recommend to you an app that makes money, using only your mobile phone at home.

You can earn 500-5000+ rupees every day! Do you want to work? *when i said i don't have money they said*. I have many clients who also does not have enough money to complete the task, but they find a way to arrange money and complete the task.

Now they are happy after earning money in this platform. You know what they have? Courage and positive mindset which you can also do, i believe in you. After i completed the task and withdrew my money.

[11/01, 12:16 am] +[Protected]: OK dear tomorrow you need to settle this REFUNDABLE Tax this is to legalize the money you earn and to avoid the commitment for the TAX EVASION CRIME.

[11/01, 12:16 am] +[Protected]: Don't worry its normal only because you earn huge amount of money, [11/01, 12:17 am] +[Protected]: We are legally process so the government is requiring to pay the REFUNDABLE TAX.

This amount is also return to you after 15mins when you receive the 98,553 Which was nearly 46 thousands.

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Mohana Sri 7th of Apr 2022

I lost my money in this. Please give my money, this work is not fair and cheating is also very bad. Moreover i lost 60k in this website. Please help me get back my money.

Mohana Sri 7th of Apr 2022

Hi iam monasri i lost money in this fkart8 .com i lost 60k in this please provide l my money back i need to return to my friends plz help me to get my money

Prasad naravoina 8th of Feb 2022

I am N.G.Prasas i lost money in the i lost nearly 1,30,000 in this please provide my money back please.

manuel 4th of Feb 2022

Hi iam manuel i lost money in this fkart8 .com i lost 78k in this please provite me sir my money back i need to retuen some money plz help me to get my money

Preeti Negi 29th of Jan 2022

I am preeti I lost my money in I lost my 20 7000 rupees this place provide my money back sir i want to return someone else's money please help me get my money back,

kishore p 21st of Jan 2022

I am Kishore p i lost money in the i lost nearly 45000in this please provide my money back sir i paid my college fees in this please provide back my money .....

Abhijaykolero 16th of Jan 2022

I think you are wrong yarr! I am one of the client of Ms Joella/Ella on this website FKART8. At first i also got tensed because its huge amount of money, but i took risk and follow her instructions. After i completed the process i request my withdrawal and credited only in 20 minutes!

shyamydvbaby01 13th of Jan 2022

Hi im one of the satisfied client here in this platform and i successfully recieved my amount by completing all the vip levels and withdrawal process . You just need to follow what your mentor's instruction to have successful withdrawals like us !! Goodluck on your journey here in fkart8 . Just follow the process and im surely you will get all your money back !!

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