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Dipika Pandey 14th of May 2022
I had purchased a fireboltt mercury 1.7 smartwatch from Flipkart and within 4 months it stopped working. I raised complain and they got ready to take it for return after too many conversations and their seller (fireboltt) has already tortured me a lot by asking again and again the video of the watch that not working.

I did everything they had asked for, but still after more than one month I have not got the satisfactory solution. They had taken the product in return but had not provided me the refund.

They had just posted the status that we had completed your refund. But I have not got my amount in my bank account. Please I urge you to take action against them as it has tortured me a lot.

They have consumed my lot of time, health and my mental peace. They are harassing me mentally. It's been more than one month regarding this issue. I have mailed them almost on weakly basis but not got any solution.

Now, I'm hoping that I'll get my solution through you. I'm also attaching my bank details that I have not got any credit on the date 21st April 2022 as they had said that the refund will reflect in my account.

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