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Amrita22 29th of Jun 2021
AHMDABAD, Gujarat, India
I booked guitarist via FNP to perform on the occasion of my SIS birthday in Australia..inspite of informing them so many times on ph (calls r recorded with them) and given constant reminders via emails n raised quiries where I requested them to inform guitarist well in advance to perform on time n not late evening because the recipient is in Australia so according to their time zone), FNP cust care said we will update n inform, at present guitarist isn't picking up..

On 27th June,since morning I was calling n emailing FNP that guitarist didn't call yet but he msg at 3.30pm on watsapp, when it was 9pm in Australia not even he called by saying tht he was busy with other schedules so didn't call but msgd lately..we denied him to give performance because it was by then very late in Australia n ppl were busy celebrating n having dinner,guitarist thn started messaging me n my bro in Australia n started forcing us to listen to his performance the next day, he was guilty, n appologise..but ocassion n the surprise got ruined by that time..

I warned him not to disturb n force my brother asking thm agn n agn n disturbing by msgs, he thn started sending me his recorded audios requested me to allow him to perform the next day..when I complained n narrated this to FNP ..they accepted n said we appologise,will see to this n refund u..but after so much of efforts from my side, making thm understand everything,they denied to refund me by saying ..

We can't refund because guitarist msgd you at 3.30pm on watsapp may b late but contacted..this is total injustice n these fraud ppl lately denied refunding me n didn't even perform inspite of being informed by me by ph calls .. pls get the solution n ask thm to return my hard earned money..I have all proofs available with me..


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