EarlySalary Reviews & Complaints: Duplicate loan money disbursed to Skinnsi from Early Salary

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Chandana Y M 6th of Aug 2022
BENGALURU, Karnataka, India
I purchased a Full Body LHR Package from Skinnsi for which i paid through Earlysalary having Skinnsi and Earlysalary folks on call.

I went to pay my 1st emi through Earlysalary app before the due date. But the Pay now option was graded out and there was option popping up called "process is pending, click here to complete the process" after i tried multiple times by refreshing the app and re-installing it, it was same. I understood the loan itself is not activated thats why it's not allowing me to pay.

Then I clicked and it asked me for an OTP and after submitting the OTP it allowed me to pay my first emi along with late fees since I spent couple of days to get that pay link activated, by that time the due date was crossed by 1 day. Along with that extra charges as a pain , i see another shock that one more loan got activated which i am not aware of. This time I immediately reach out to Earlysalary and Skinnsi team who kept blaming each other. For a humanity sake, You Skinnsi team has recieved my money extra, you could have returned to early salary and closed it off.

But no, you guys want to investigate which also you aren't doing. Which is truly disappointing. Now the duplicate loan amount has become a biggest issue for me . Where the due date also crossed because of your negligence.

Why don't you understand the seriousness here? When I want to buy something from you guys, you will spam my phone by calling back to back.. why don't you show that passion here by resolving the genuine issue here.
Whoever s error it may be, you guys have received the amount which is true right?
Fuck your processes and return the money back to early salary.

I am going mad every day here by following up you guys. Show some human concern. Why will I pay for something is dint even thought of taking.


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Chandana Y M 6th of Aug 2022


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