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rishi shukla 28th of Jan 2022
I had booked ticket on clear trip from new Delhi to Visakhapatnam.
Passenger Name: Tripti
Flight scheduled: from new delhi to Vizag
Date: 06/02/2022

Flight has been cancelled by Air Asia and 3348 rs refunded to Clear trip by Air asia on 21/01/2022 due to operational reason but when I requested to clear trip to pay full refund amount of Rs. 3348 on 24/01/2021 then clear trip has paid Only Rs. 205.

Clear trip has cheated with me. I want my entire money Rs. 3348 back but clear trip has denied and they do not want to resolve the matter. I want 3143 more money to be received from clear trip.

So that I get total money @Rs 3348. I have full proof to send legal notice to clear trip if clear trip does not refund my amount as stated earlier 3143. Clear trip is cheating and they are not resolving the matter.

While request they are delaying the process. For PNR No: UY4N8E I want full refund of Rs. 3348. Now, I have proof of E-Mail for email sent by Air Asia to be eligible and get full refund.

Clear trip has refunded only 205 Rs I want 3143 more rupees.
Nirpeksh Shukla

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