CashGo: Fake Loan Application. Beware Of Scam Guys

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Anish chowdary alapati 2nd of Nov 2021
From last 2 days. I have received lot of fake whatsapp messages that to pay loan.(Pasted down)

Hi. Receive your overdue bill. Today is the final grace period. If you have not settled the arrears today, you will receive a lawyer's letter and court summons in 3 working days.

If you refuse to pay again, we will send the company's collection officer to drive the license plate. (KL55G8623) Perform on-site type verification registration and mandatory billing.

Please download : *Cashgo*
Customer Service:[Protected]

And I tried to call that number. he responded but he is innocent. Again in the evening I received another whatsapp message ( Pasted down)

*Cashgo* Hello, how come your loan has not been paid off? Please pay off the loan today. If we do not receive your repayment before 7pm. We will notify your family and friends and upload your information to the national blacklist.

In the future, all your loans will be deemed invalid, and no loan company or bank will support you. After the repayment is successful, you can borrow again, and the loan amount will increase to [Protected].

At the same time, the loan days increase, *Cashgo* App download address:

And also today morning (Pasted down)

Hello, your loan is overdue. Please pay off the loan immediately. I did not see your repayment after 3 hours. I will notify your family and friends as soon as possible, and send your photos and loan information to your family and friends.

After paying off the loan today. You can borrow again, and the loan amount will increase to [Protected]. At the same time, the loan days will increase *Cashgo*:

I really didn't understand how this guys are getting our numbers. They literally scare us and really worried a lot by seeing this kind of messages. Then i decided to call my uncle ( local SI) he said nothing to worry.

Then i relaxed.did any one facing same problem like me. Please comment below.

updated by , Dec,07 2021

Today i got a same message but I didn’t took the loan from them what to do

updated by , Dec,07 2021

I am also get today msg what I do kindly suggest me.

updated by , Dec,07 2021

I am also getting these messages from last 2-3 days from different different numbers. Kindly help me out like what to do now.


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Rhymzantivo 2nd of Jan 2022

Please help me, i am also one of the victim of this cash go, i did try to get a loan and im going crazy because of the short term they give, imagine 8 days only and if you can't pay they they call and scared you and they even texted my contacts that i am a wanted scamers for not paying my loan in just one day...Can someone help me.

Vinay_1121 16th of Dec 2021

I am also receiving these messages for past 2 days same thing happened with me and i downloaded the app please donot open any link or download app

Naveen kumar 12th of Dec 2021

Yes me too got same 3 different whatapp phone number massage thought whatsApp.

yuviimp2 8th of Dec 2021

Yes, I am also getting the messages. I was stupid enough to install the package. It gives away all our personal data to them. The apps which are not available in playstore are untrustworthy. Another such app is Gold loan. Beware of these frauds guys. If they threaten you that they will call our family members, ask them for documents as evidence. I am thinking to officially make a cybercrime complaint also will register these events in DSP office.

Kanhaiya Patidar 4th of Dec 2021

Yes i am also getting msg, its like mental Harrament to see such msg in daily morning, can we complain online any where

Samy Raji 4th of Dec 2021

Yes me too. I was shocked. I searched in Google about this app. Then I saw your comment then I became cool. Now I am not worried.

AKHIL BABU 30th of Nov 2021

Yes me too got same 3 different whatapp phone number massage thought whatsApp.

Aarif123 28th of Nov 2021

Yes me too got a same message regarding due payment, Acutally i didnt understand why these guys troubling without taking a loan and they keep on sending these messages.

smohd1008 28th of Nov 2021

Even I got same messages today on my WhatsApp for 2 times from cashgo

smohd1008 28th of Nov 2021

Even I got the same message from the loan app Cashgo.. I have not taken any loan from such company.. I got 2 different messages on my whatsapp number.. when I tried calling those nums they are incorrect

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