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sohan poojari 17th of May 2022
The bank server maintenance is a common sight but the information or the notification has to be given to the customer. Due to which the customers are at a very vulnerable position if they don't have cash in hand and especially after the digital payment initiative which bank themselves promote for which additional preparations are never done.

This has lead to very uncomfortable and difficult situations where the consumer despite have adequate balance has no access to his/her own money. Its also to be noted that every form digital transaction was effected and ATMs too were rendered useless.

Banks should give adequate information for the customers for them down time and should also compensate whenever its not informed beforehand so the customers can be prepared.

On 17th may 2022 around 9:42 pm the notification was issued for unavailability of UPI services by the bank form 9:00 pm to 10 pm on the same day but the services were not available from almost post 4:30 pm.

This shows the lethargic functioning of the bank.

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