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anandoliver 27th of Apr 2021
Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India
I have opened a Current account at Canara bank, Radhanagar Chromepet Branch on [Protected]. On opening i asked for the netbanking kit. But it was given to me after a month only. But till taody i am not been given access to the net banking.

When i enquire to the concerned office and the Branch manager they told that they are not aware of the latest net banking systems and till today it was not activated and i was denied this access in spite of various l personnel Contact to the management. Even today i asked the branch incharge about it but he is not giving due importance to my case.

Further today My wife Ms Joyce she is abount 68 years old given me a cheque to be given for a transfer to her own name at Indian Bank by issuing a Cheque with the duly signed application and the details at the back of the cheque leaf.. The relative NIFT /RTGS application are available only in the branch on behalf of my wife i filled up the details for effecting this transaction..

I have done in the same way before also. But this facility was denied by the after a gap of abour 30 mits and the branch management called my wife and requested my wife to come to the branch and sign the RTGS a application.The cheque was issed by my wife and the RTGS challen was filled up by me as in the case of effecting the transfer.When i again gone back the branch and asked for the reason. But they simply denied this transaction.

I know very well that the instruction in the cheque given by the acount holder stands good and the the bearer of the cheque can do on his own the instrucion in the cheque.More over the bank can take care of the leagality what the account holder given the instruction. But to my surprise this transaction was denied by the branch management .

I asked to return the cheque with the return memo stating the reason for non effecting this simple RTGS transaction. But they have not till now return the instrument with the return memo nor effecting the instruction of the customer.

Considering the above two activities it seems the management in that branch is not well equiped with the regulations of the bank and the procedure. Till now i do not know the fate of the cheque.

I request you to look into the matter and do the justice in this two cases. If it goes like this the Canara Bank image will vanish Please give a suitable remedy in this mattter.

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