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I have ordered a dress from
Paid 225rs in online but did not receive any confirmation message for the order and till today didn't get the product.
Prasanya 13th of Jul 2022
I bought 7 items which all together worth of 1000+ rs from an online shopping site called CLASSY APPAREL and they haven't gave me any messages or information on th...
XTURIELX 13th of Jul 2022
The product provided by the company was worst of quality. On information after i recieved the order about the quality they kept on delaying the matter and never responded th...
Bhoomika Mishra 12th of Jul 2022
i have done the purchase on 10 July Sunday the name is powered by intique.myShopify link attached at last , but the amount is transferred to some Krishna enterprises, thi...
abhi90seth 12th of Jul 2022
I have sent so many emails regarding my complaint but nobody is responding. I ordered beautiful casual shirt my order id is #WTC14232 amount 2338+150 return couriers charge tota...
Mohdrizwan 12th of Jul 2022
I have placed an order on and made the payment too, but neither I got any confirmation message for my order nor they r responding to m...
Gurinder 12th of Jul 2022
The item that I have purchased it is not like that I have seen , and the price of it is 1000 , but when the ordered came then th...
Noorjaha Shaikh 12th of Jul 2022
I'm orderd one t-shirt. Not received confirmation sms. I'm payment in completed in online Paytm app. I'm not received order and my money is not site is not opening....
AKSHAYAKSHITH0 11th of Jul 2022
I ordered 2 Shirts from this website called and it's a prepaid transaction and I haven't received any confirmation msg or mail of order placed or anything. So I...
Gitakshi 11th of Jul 2022
I had order a shoe and 3 bag. Called them for an update. They said I haven't registered the account that's why they didn't receive the order and will refun...
Pentagon 11th of Jul 2022

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