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Amritanjali_18 20th of May 2022
AMRITSAR, Punjab, India
So there is institute sama school (Ando technology pvt ltd) they give sales training and after that placement student have to give money from salary to pay after placement that is from salary.

They signed agreement firstly and actually according to agreement student pay them 25k when got salary as i got placement due to my mom health condition and covid i have to left job.

And i did not got any salary and in between they made loan by misguiding whole process and signed e-nach two times before the month i got salary and they breach the agreement totally.

And they took money in name of me from propelled upfront and now when i told them about my grievance they did not listen and not cancelling loan and not returning back money to propelled the same case was with my friend also.

And they cancelled loan of him but not mine this was concern as i want my cancellation of loan because they did not given service properly and took money by fraud manner and even when i told them about my problem they threatens me also.

And took documents and made loan and misused documents and i want to cancel my loan from them as they did not cancel my loan i am attaching all pictures shots agreement plz see and took strict action.

And i am attaching whatsapp chats in which they threatens me also and screenshots of agreement they totally breach agreement as student pay them only when they got salary but they signed e-nach before the student got salary and threatens them to pay whole money by own.

And they burdens student parents that is totally against the points they mention in agreement. they give totally fake commitments through their counselors. i need my loan to be cancelled from them.

They already delayed through this for 3 months and did not give any assistance and give fake commitments through online mode. i already suffered a lot due to this i want to cancel my loan from them as they are not giving student real help to get placed properly, keeping student in a wrong loop and hope of getting placed not in right manner.

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Jun,10 2022

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