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Manav_verma 23rd of Apr 2022
They have asked me for money acckrding to their levels . I had submitted around 55-60k inr and now they are just asking more money to wothdraw the amount of money i have earned. This all is just a scam i think. I had nkt told my parents about this but nkw i have wasted all their money so please help me tk recover my money. They sent me a letter that i need to pay 25000 for the securty fee as well. Please help me they are not returning my money.i have akready wasted all of my money and now I'm so scared about this. They are not returning my money and just saying that if i dont pay security fee in next 24 hours i would lose my investment as well.

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Samita Roy Choudhury 16th of Jun 2022

On 15th June 2022 l have seen an advertisement in Google how to earn money easily from home. I contacted with Amazon Merchant Platform .They told me to invest Rs 200/- and they will return the money with commission. After the 1st level they returned me Rs 320 /-.They again told me to invest Rs 800/-. They told me they will return my money with 15% commission i.e.Rs 920.I invested the money and wanted to withdraw the money. They told me l have to complete another task of Rs 1600/-, then they will return my money with interest. As the amount of the money is increasing l refused to pay any money and wanted to return me the money. They didn't return my and freezed my account. Please help me to get back my money.

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