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HEENA RAJWANI 12th of Apr 2022
MUMBAI, Maharashtra, India
On 7th April I was searching over the internet where I saw that earn 5000 per day for I was about to check when I clicked it took me to above whatsapp no where she said want to earn money I said yes then she introduced herself as Janelle from Amazon Platform.

And informed me to complete some task then it started she provided me one link to login and check task and send me the same after saving it so in start 100 rs were already present in account then I needed to pay 200 and got 320 so 120 as bonus.

So I thought it is genuine and continued then paid 580 then 880 then 3199 after that my amount started to freeze for which she answered need to complete task then it will unfreeze then paid 5999 then also it was showing as freeze.

Then she told bar percentage should reach to 100 for now it is showing as 65 then after much delay and difficulty to arrange funds paid 15999 then also bar percentage was 90 then again she told me again need to complete task.

Then it was 5099 then also it was showing as 95 then I requested her and said that I don't have money then she unfreezed my amount then I tried to withdraw whole night it was showing as processing.

And when in the morning j asked she said I need to check with finance team then she said need to pay 15801 as security fee then I realized it is fraud and told her the same thing and also that I will complaint then she said ok.

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