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Sandeep kumar 25th of Jun 2022
This website asked me to deposit 15000 usdt. I deposited as they show me there profit plan. Anyhow they took me to trade where I make my 15000 usdt to 330000usdt.
Now they have freezed my account and I am not able to withdraw my money.
They are asking me for 30% commission to release my funds.
I request you all to be careful and be safe from this type of platform.
I lost my savings and I am into debt now.

They are doing this by creating a whattsapp group which is of hongkong registration.
Through whatsapp they will add you and they will be sharing the profit and then they will tell you too add 20000 usdt but anyhow I added 15000 usdt because I was not having that much of fund. They are creating different groups in whattsapp and making the scam.

Once the amount is deposited they are not allowing to withdraw the amount as they are asking to pay commission and once you will give the commission they will again ask for the money.
I don't know why cyber cells are not doing anything on this type of illegal things going on and they are easily making money by frauding people.


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Ashu4802 16th of Jul 2022

I also invested in AGG GLOBAL and cid investment(Hongkong) advisory co., now they (sarah assistance) saying pay 10000usdt as commission after you withdraw your 345000usdt profit. Yet i have 17 Lakh rupees invest. they create wats up groups with there people and doing fake trading. Now i am complaining in cyber crime, you will all also complaint, and suggest what can do for catching them

raulmdx 15th of Jul 2022

I this a part of CID Investment ?

Megha290 21st of Jul 2022
Yes. It is
Megha290 12th of Jul 2022

I also got scammed by them recently after paying huge amount of commission they immediately block me from Whatsapp and i am not able to withdraw any funds . I am in huge debt now due to them. There’s no point of contact where can we raise complaint. Lost everything

Pksharma 21st of Sep 2022
Madam is it same group run by Sarah na, CID investment advisory
Pksharma 21st of Sep 2022
Madam is it same group CID investment and run by Sarah
Megha290 12th of Jul 2022

Me too got scammed by AGG global club. I am not able to withdraw any funds even after paying huge commissions to them. I am in debt now. There’s no point of contact and after transferring funds they immediately block my number from whatsapp.

Sandeep kumar [Complaint's author] reply,Jul,23 2022

How much money you added?

Shivangi Dubey 29th of Jun 2022

I also was also trapped by this AGG GLOBAL...They ask me to deposit 20000usdt...I took loan and have deposited but now they have freezed my account. I am not able to withdraw my money. Request all of you not to get into the scam and fraud which they are doing very easily...They have started this through WhatsApp where they used to show the profit and taking money from the people and just freezing the account...We all should complain to cyber cell so that these activities should get stop.

Sandeep kumar 29th of Jun 2022 This is the trading link platform request you all to not make any payment in this website.

Sagar Gaikwad 28th of Jun 2022

I am part of another group jeck sharing group. And from your screen shot can able to see same set of fake people are added in all groups

Sagar Gaikwad 28th of Jun 2022

I am part of another group jeck sharing group 7

Sandeep kumar 25th of Jun 2022

The whattsapp group is still active and they are still on their job....

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